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In-House Consultancy

In LIVT, we serve as your strategic partner for business transformation. Our comprehensive consultancy seamlessly blends expertise in technology, human resource management, and shared knowledge. We empower companies to navigate successfully through the era of cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, ensuring that your talent is up to the challenges. Our approach aims to decentralize knowledge and empower organizations to build highly competent teams. Get ready to lead the digital revolution with LIVT by your side.

¿What effects we have?

In today's business landscape, leaders are increasingly losing trust in Human Resources, to the extent that some companies are even formed without a human resources department. Originally conceived after the industrial revolution to prioritize the well-being of individuals — who are the cornerstone of organizations — HR has lost its strength.

Our experts will be on-site with you to assist in creating various departments or structures from scratch, empowering you to seamlessly manage them independently for your company's ongoing success.

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Talent Analytics & Process Improvement

Don't have an HR department yet? Consider the potential cost savings from reduced turnover, improved productivity, regulatory compliance, enhanced morale, and culture enhancement, among other benefits. Our expert team builds it with you, identifying your primary objectives, leveraging your strengths, and mitigating risk factors. 

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Employer Branding & Influencer Ambassadors 

A structured selection process, driven by data, offers you: 48% improved hires (McKinsey), a 30% reduction in turnover (SHRM), 20% savings in hiring costs (LinkedIn), a 35% enhancement in diversity and inclusion (Boston Consulting Group), and much more. Our team analyzes, advises, and guides you in implementing this approach to maximize your recruitment success. 


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Candidate Experience Consultancy

Making decisions is key to achieving your goals. DATA helps you make better decisions by providing detailed information. 66% of companies using it improve their hires, productivity, leadership development, and cost reduction. We've successfully implemented it in companies like Glovo, Booking, and many more. 


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HR Team Build Up

Allocating appropriate budgets, establishing effective internal compensation systems, ensuring compliance with regulations, maintaining sound financial management, handling legal risks, and aiding your employees' growth are crucial for positive and exponential growth. We're here to help you achieve and sustain these milestones. 


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