• December 1 2023
  • Pablo Cueva

¿Who said that salaries have to be a secret?

In a world where transparency and equality are increasingly valued values, why are company salaries still a taboo topic? Why are people afraid to talk openly about what they earn and don't earn?

The answer is simple: the lack of transparency in salaries has allowed salary inequalities to persist. If employees knew exactly what their colleagues earned, they could fight for fair and equitable treatment. But that's not what companies want. They like to maintain control and make sure their employees don't know what they are losing.

However, this is changing. More and more companies are making their salary ranges public, meaning employees can compare their salaries with their colleagues and fight for an upgrade if necessary. Norway is a clear example that this implementation is possible.

And although some argue that this may slow down wage growth, the truth is that it is a step towards greater equality and justice.

So why not make all salaries public? Why allow wage inequalities to continue in the 21st century?

Transparency is the key to a more fair and equitable society.

Are you willing to fight for it?

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