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We offer you the opportunity to build highly effective hiring and onboarding processes, completely tailored to the needs of your organization. We leverage your talent management system and enhance your employer brand, creating an onboarding experience that not only attracts but also retains the best talents.

We offer you solutions for:

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Tech - IT

Mobile, Software, Infrastructure, Data, Product, UI/UX, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain, Crypto, Security.

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Marketing, Sales, Business Development, HR, Operations, Strategy, Accounting & Finance.

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C-Level, Director, Board Members, Executive Search, VP, Vice Presidents.

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We contact 150 candidates per Week per Role

Our capacity per role is to contact 150 candidates per week with an approximate conversion rate of 10%. You will receive a weekly report with all market data.

We offer 3 candidates or more in 10 days

We offer you between 3 to 10 candidates in just 10 days. We are familiar with our sourcing and interview capacity per recruiter, allowing us to make a commitment.

We adapt to your Business Needs

We have helped our clients reduce hiring and offer times by 37%, optimizing costs in their organizations as we provide a holistic service.

We Include a Process Consultancy Free

In addition to helping you hire your ideal candidate, we provide an express consultancy, offering feedback on how you could improve your processes at no additional cost.

Experience in Bluechi companies, scale-ups and start-ups.

We have experience in North America, LATAM, and Europe. We have worked with startups, scale-ups, SMEs, and large companies. We can identify your needs and enhance results.

Our Methodology

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  • Teach Asset 24@2x-1
  • We learn best when we teach. As Glasser pointed out, we learn around 95% of what we teach to others. We created "Teach to Learn" so that clients and students can gain the necessary knowledge, contributing to the improvement of our industry by sharing knowledge and making it accessible to everyone.
  • Tooling Asset 25@2x-1
  • Our methodology aims to provide you with free and open-source tools, as often we start from scratch. Our goal is to make them accessible to everyone. You will also have the best tools in the industry, which you can use in your companies, conferences, and training for your teams. This not only helps you save time but also reduces costs and optimizes the processes you establish in HR.
  • Innovate Asset 26@2x-1
  • NOur founders have gone through creative processes time and again. That's why part of our methodology is to guide you through your own creative process to enhance a part of our beloved HR industry. You will have two options: entrepreneur and intrapreneur. Both options aim to improve the industry or your company by creating an idea that helps solve a problem.  
  • Knowledge Asset 27@2x-1
  • It is essential that we learn from individuals and professionals who are currently practicing and applying their knowledge in the best companies worldwide every day. This serves as a reference point for learning. With LIVT and Ethics, we will share the best contemporary knowledge, remembering that our goal is to decentralize knowledge so that we can all grow as an industry
  • Do it Asset 28@2x-1
  • At LIVT, we integrate theory and tools into practical experiences. Practice and gamification are essential for effective learning. We encourage you to apply what you learn with us in real-life situations to drive your professional development. Each consultancy or class includes a segment where we put into action all the theory and tools we've learned

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Payment Models

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Hire a Candidate and then Pay

You only pay when hiring the candidate you're looking for. We provide you with the entire search, interview, and selection service, and you pay us a percentage of the annual gross salary upon making the hire. A 3-month guarantee or trial period is included.

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Our Long Term Approach

A quarterly subscription where we provide continuous weekly sourcing, offering qualified candidates per position for you to conduct interviews. It includes a package of consulting hours and training with our experts.

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Our Sustainable Way

You pay 50% at the beginning of the process and the remaining 50% upon completion. This approach aims to provide a more accessible fee for everyone. The fee is lower than the success fee. We offer a 3-month guarantee or the duration of the probationary period.

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