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Training / Masterclasses

The Golden Circle: Starting with the "Why?"

Every continent is in a different stage when it comes to talent and HR knowledge and best practices. That's why we've identified the importance of connecting and educating professionals and new generations to be ready for these transformations. It's crucial, and we've decided to provide excellent mentors to unite our forces as an industry on a global level, transcending together. Join the journey of transformation with us!

LIVT Proposal to solve this:

That's why we bring you these masterclasses, where you can choose from various topics of interest, tailored for teams or individuals. You'll learn how we do things, our methodologies, the latest trends in technology like Blockchain, AI, Crypto, and, of course, what has brought us to where we are. Join us on this knowledge journey!

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Training / Masterclass Companies

7 Modules

Choose the ones you need for your company and empower your internal teams, providing them with knowledge to keep them motivated and, at the same time, boost your productivity and efficiency.

.Module 1 - Future of Work & Personal Brand.
Module 2 - Talent Acquisition Data, Strategies & Metrics.
Module 3 - Candidate Experience & Employer Branding.
Module 4 - Sourcing & outreach.
Module 5 - Advanced Interview Training, Bias, Best Practices.
Module 6 - Diversity - Belonging & Design Thinking.
Module 7 - Artificial Intelligence, Crypto, Blockchain y Tech.


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Training / Masterclass Individual

¿Want to be up to date with the latest Trends?

We can tailor a package just for you. Choose one or several of our modules to enhance your skills and expertise.

Additionally, we offer the complete masterclass with all modules in a group format on different dates. Inquire about availability, and let us help you take the leap to the next level.

It's simply your best decision! Elevate your knowledge and skills with us.


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We offer workshops for:

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Implementation of Talent Analytics

Being Data Driven is essential in this world. In this module, you'll discover how to craft a strategy for implementing Talent Analytics from the ground up. From mastering Excel to delving into SQL and utilizing visualization tools, you'll gain the skills to make informed decisions. Elevate your proficiency and become a master of data-driven insights!

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Candidate Experience & Employer Branding

Did you know? 78% of candidates consider a company's reputation before applying. And that reputation is built through a positive candidate experience and strong employer branding. In this module, you'll delve into the implementation of  AI, EVP, Candidate Persona, and various channels. 

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Diversity, Belonging & Design Thinking

Placing the employee at the center of company processes is key and can bring you highly positive results in the short and long term. We guide you through the employee experience, innovation, gamification, technology, issue identification, and continuous improvement.

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Future of Work & Personal Branding

Remote Work and Satellite Internet. New labor models, gig workers, On-Demand, Influencers, Blue and White Collar, Top Experts, and Freelancers. New technologies, VR (Virtual Reality and Metaverses), AR (Augmented Reality), Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Crypto. Are you ready? We can help!

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Candidate Sourcing & Effective Outreach

Sourcing is the art of using our curiosity and expanding our boundaries. The theory of 6 degrees of separation states that through 6 people, we can connect with individuals who were unimaginable in the past. You'll learn how to find the contact or profile of almost anyone in the world and its foundations.

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Artificial Intelligence & Recruitment

How do we use AI in recruitment? We discuss Prompt Engineering and Large Language Models (LLMs), along with tools that are already reliable today and save us hours by automating our work, allowing us to focus on what truly matters: people. Is important to note that HR will be the key driver on how we use AI for the future of work

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Advanced Interview Training

Having your entire company ready and trained in how to conduct effective interviews and which techniques to use to increase the likelihood of quality hires is increasingly important. We prepare all departments, business, leaders, and IT.

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